Sesame is an oil crop supplying seed, and known as common ingredient in cuisines across the world due to its rich and nutty flavor, high natural value,

Sesame oil widely uses on confectionary purpose , edible oils, paste, cake, flour and Biscuit industry and scrutinize the cosmetics industrial and Alternative medicine at the high rate of value to the body, skin and hair represented in organic compounds, minerals like copper, calcium, iron , manganese, vitamins and fiber.

Types available:

  1. Sudanese white Sesame seed
  2. White/red sesame seed
  3. Mixed Sesame seed

Sesame Specification:

White Sesame:
Item Value
Oil Content Min. 48%
Admixture Max. 1%
Purity Min. 99%
Foreign matter Max. 1%
FFA Max. 2%
Other color seeds  Max. 2%
Red sesame:
Oil Content Min. 52%
Admixture  Max.1%
Purity Min. 99%
Foreign matter Max. 3%
FFA Max.  3%
Other color seeds Max. 3%




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